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TW3X4G1600C9DHX and ASUS Striker II Extreme


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Has anyone had any success running part number: TW3X4G1600C9DHX (4GB DDR3 kit 9-9-9-24) on the ASUS Striker II Extreme motherboard?


I'm trying to run 8GB of this type of memory and just can't get my system stable. I'm assuming it's the memory that's responsible for the freezes and so on but I was wondering if there's a way to check.


I can't get BIOS to automatically detect the correct settings: It automatically selects timings 7-7-7-20 and 1T. Boot time increases a lot, manually set it to what it's supposed to be (9-9-9-24 2T) and boot time is okay but either setting leads to an unstable system.


Just recently I decided to get a new hard drive and install Vista from scratch but it froze during installation the first time (9-9-9-24 2T), got through first part of installation the second time (7-7-7-20 1T) and failed to start installation with a BSOD the third time...


I tested memory with Memtest+ and I get 2 passes.


Not sure what to do. Please help!




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I've set it PC-10660 and I've never gone anywhere near the voltage settings so default I guess.


Looking at the voltage monitor, for memory it reads between 1.64V and 1.68V (typically 1.66V).

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Sorry about this but I'm kind of new to tweaking.


I cannot locate this MCH/SPP voltage settings. I found NB, it was around 1.42V, I set i tto 1.48V.


The voltage options on my BIOS are:

CPU Voltage [Auto]

Loadline Calibration [Disabled]

CPU PLL Voltage [Auto]

CPU VTT Voltage [Auto]

Memory Voltage [1.80V]

NB Core Voltage [1.48V]

SB Core Voltage [Auto]

CPU GTL_REF0 Ratio [Auto]

CPU GTL_REF1 Ratio [Auto]

CPU GTL_REF2 Ratio [Auto]

CPU GTL_REF3 Ratio [Auto]

NB GTL_REF Ratio [Auto]

DDR3 CHA1 Ref Voltage [Auto]

DDR3 CHB1 Ref Voltage [Auto]

DDR3 CHA2 Ref Voltage [Auto]

DDR3 CHB2 Ref Voltage [Auto]


Are NB, SPP and MCH the same thing?


Also, I noticed CMD gets automatically set to 1T now instead of 2T -- is that a problem?




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Okay, 1067MHz then. It's a real shame though, spent all this money on expensive DDR3 memory just to go from 800MHz to 1067MHz -- can't help feel a little disappointed.


By the way, there's no speed setting for 1066MHz so I set everything (all the timings at least) back on Auto. It's now running at 1066MHz 7-7-7-20 1T.


Is it okay for my memory to run at those timings (lower than those stated on the box)... I'm particularly worried about the 1T bit, how big a deal is that?




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First which Bios Rev. are you currently running? Most current Bios is 0901 dated 7/07/08. Since your dealing with 4 sticks, I would suggest to simplify things to determine where the problems coming from by testing the modules one at a time.


The voltages look okay and you may not even need 1.48v for the NB. 1.4v should be okay.


Test the modules one at a time in slot A1.


For the CPU FSB and Memory Frequency, try unlinked and set the CPU frequency to whatever is the deafult frequency for you CPU and the Memory Frequency to 1600MHz.


Memory Timings 9-9-9-24 and CMD 2T.



Once you've determined all 4 sticks work correctly with memtest86, try all 4.


I don't mean to interrupt and hope this helps you out.

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Interrupt? Not at all! I very much appreciate the suggestions.


I'm definitely going to try that out but I have a feeling something may be wrong with the motherboard since it shuts down during POST just after the POST message DETDRAM (Detect DRAM) if the single module is in A1. Works in B1 though and installing modules in both B1 and A1 also works so it's not a dead slot.


Probably an issue with my current BIOS version (0901).


But yeah, I really need to run it at something faster than 1066MHz, because that's just too little a jump from DDR2 800MHz memory given the amount of money spent on these 1600MHz DDR3s.


Thanks man,



Edit: Scratch that about A1... I inserted a module and it booted up... weird. Will look into it. Thanks.


Edit: Seems one of the modules produced several errors during memtest. Feel like I should run all the modules through memtest again before I start returning modules back to Corsair.

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Well, looks like I'm going to have to return one of the modules.


Module 1:



Module 2:



Module 3:



Module 4:



Worst part is having to return two modules instead of one. I just hope Corsair doesn't replace both modules with one working and one faulty module! :)

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  • 3 weeks later...

Sent them in for replacement/repair, August 19th.


Was received on August 21st as indicated by the email I received from the RMA office.


No word since then... sent email asking why there's no information on the status of my RMA, no replies. Getting a little worried here! :[pouts:

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