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What are the SPD timings for VS1GSDS533D2


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I want to upgrade the memory in my laptop and was looking at VS1GSDS533D2 because it is sold as 4-4-4-12 memory.


My desktop uses corsair memory too which is sold as 4-4-4-12 but is programmed to operate as something like 5-5-5-18 in the SPD information. That's fine for my deaktop as I can change the timings manually but my laptop BIOS is locked down and I can't change any memory settings so I need to make sure that the laptop will auto configure the VS1GSDS533D2 memory with the faster 4-4-4-12 timings.





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This part is spec'd at 4-4-4-12@533MHz and the SPD is also programmed to 4-4-4-12@533MHz. It seems you may have a variation of our 6400C4 RAM, which is spec'd at 4-4-4-12@800MHz 2.1v but SPD is programmed to 5-5-5-18@800MHz 1.8v.


You should be able to install VS1GSDS533D2 and the laptop will read the SPD 4-4-4-12@533MHz without any configurations or issues.

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