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TX750 - Fan Direction is Wrong


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Hello Ram Guy, I've just had some time to kill at work and was looking over forums and I have noticed this "blowback" we'll call it from my 750TX.


On my old case it was hard for me to tell, but I have recently put my 750TX in an Antec 1200 with fan up and really feel it blowing back. It's not concerning me as it isn't hot air and helps cool my tv card decoder, but I wonder how much that plastic directional baffle inside might be involved in this. In either of my cases, there hasn't exactly been a feel of wind coming out the exhaust, but nothing overheats either.


I also read this thread http://www.houseofhelp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=71706 and I seen a pic on Amazon's Antec 1200 page where a user had the 750TX fan down, but 1/4" - 3/8" of space between the grill and bottom of case was out of my comfort zone to draw air in, but seeing how we have this "blowback", I'm pondering flipping it fan down and let the blowback, blowback from the bottom of the case seeing how the very bottom of the case has the coolest air.


What do you think about this gap?

Do I just have too much free time on my hands at work, lol?


I looked at my specs for this site and see the ******** for my memory and thought, what kind of dirty word can it suggest, then I realized that Corsair does memory and if it isn't Corsair, they are all dirty words. Thanks for the laugh.

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Even a 1/4 inch of a gap between the bottom of the PSU and case should be plenty, if you decide to mount the PSU with the fan facing down. The plastic baffle should help guide the air through the PSU, but it may not be as efficient at lower speeds.


We censor out other manufacturers names to prevent any type of "who is better than who" type of conversations. We are only concerned with making sure our products are functioning properly for our customers, as this is our support forum.

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