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8500C5D problems


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I have twin 2048-8500C5D modules in Asus P5Q Pro m/b that I am having issues with.

One module seems to be ok but the other gives errors. Most of the time the board won't post with this module installed. Even when it does it gives errors even when run at 800MHz. This memory has already been RMAd once.


I've tried it with all the settings in auto and manually setting it as 5-5-5-15-2 2.1v but still no joy.


Really strange thing is that these modules are supposed to be identical, the lables are. However my m/b reads the SPD info of the good module as 5-5-5-15-2-52-6-3 and the unstable one as 5-5-5-18-3-53-6-3.


a) Can anyone offer any advise to get this to work


b) Can anyone explain why the modules are reporting different SPD settings

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