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Gaming rig upgrading (due to Physx release)


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Given the pending release of the official Physx pack next week, I started wondering about upgrading my current gaming rig so I could optimally benefit from the new Physx stuff. My current setup is this:


Q6600 @ 2.40GHz

4096MB RAM PC6400

XFX GeForce 8800GTX xXx edition @630/2000

Creative Xfi XtremeGamer Professional

Windows Vista™ Ultimate x64 Service Pack 1

MSI P35 Platinum

Corsair HX620 PSU

Antec P182 (4 12mm casefans)


I've been thinking about getting a (single) GTX280 to replace my 8800GTX, and a 8600gt just for Physx. Or maybe keep my 8800GTX for the Physx next to the new GTX280.


But I'm not 100% sure my PSU will be able to provide enough power. I've read on the forums here that people use the HX620 to power 2 8800GTX's though.


So I turn to you, good folk of Corsair, for advice. Would this be a wise upgrade? Any suggestions?

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In most real world use you should be fine with the HX620, even with the GTX280 and an 8800GTX. If you start overclocking your CPU or video cards then you might be pushing it, but even then I would suspect you would have enough power.
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