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Asus P5E and Corsair CM2X1024-8500C5D


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Please someone can tell me how i can get this memory work on my Asus P5E

I have a Intel e8400 and an Asus P5E after flash the bios with the new bios version and have installed my news baby the motherboard don't post no beep no nothing just the fans running and the green light of the motherboard on..i have to use a lower mhz memory so i can get thing going..i changes the value to match the memory but nothing work..please i appreciate any help..:mad:

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  1. Shut the system down
  2. Remove the power cord
  3. Remove the CMOS Battery
  4. Set the CMOS_CLR Jumper to On
  5. Press the power button for 10 seconds
  6. Let sit for 10 minutes
  7. Set the CMOS_CLR Jumper to Off
  8. Insert the CMOS Battery
  9. Insert the Power Cord
  10. Restart the system
  11. Enter the BIOS
  12. Load Default Settings
  13. Save Default Settings and Exit
  14. Restart the System and enter the BIOS

Set to these values:

AI Overclocking: Manual

CPU Ratio Control: Auto

FSB Frequency: 333

FSB Strap to North Bridge: 333

PCI-E Frequency: 100

DRAM Frequency: 1066

DRAM Command Rate: 2T


DRAM Timing Control: Manual


CAS# Latency: 5

RAS# to CAS# Delay: 5

RAS# Precharge: 5

RAS# Activate Time: 15


All the Rest of the Advanced Timings are to be set to "Auto"


DRAM Static Read Control: Disabled

AI Clock Twister: Auto

Transaction Booster: Auto


CPU Voltage: Auto

CPU Voltage Reference: Auto

CPU Voltage Damper: Enabled

CPU PLL Voltage: Auto

DRAM Voltage: 2.2v (for Version 1.xx) or 2.1v(for Version 2.xx)

FSB Termination Voltage: Auto

North Bridge Voltage: 1.4

North Bridge Voltage Reference: Auto

South Bridge Voltage: Auto



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how i can set those values in the bios went i install the two stick to the motherboard and the pc don't post..everything on and running but no beep no nothing..i feel bad i have to learn more about this...help again guys..i appreciate any help..
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I've had to clock mine down to 800mhz :(

it's pretty clear this ram doesn't want to work at all with these series

of Asus boards, judging by the number of posts from ppl

with Asus boards, i've spoken to their tech support, and all they advised me to do is use differently branded ram, and they say that tiny variations

in Dominators architecture, means that the board's memory controller is trying

to time differently, etc

they also told me to set higher latency figures, they didn't work either,


no way am i changing ram after paying so much for Dominator modules,

i'm so annoyed with Asus, i'll be getting another brand of board next time,

for all the trouble they caused me.

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Did you test the modules one at a time to make sure one was not failing and what did you have the settings set to for both CPU and memory?


yes, but sadly when i powered down the pc (i have to make it sleep in order to be able to boot next time) it would only boot if i pressed f2 to load defaults,

the settings that allowed it to boot yesterday no longer work,


memtest 3.3 reported 0 errors, with each module tested singly,

the modules are XMS850 V1.2 07090108-2


got them at 2.1 v and it refuses to boot at all at 2-2-2-15

btw it decided to run at 1066mhz after the last reset!



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