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XMS2 6400 C4 for ECS 945GCT DDR2 667 MB?


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Hi, I just got approved to write this posting!


As you know, I have an issue whether I can use my new XMS2 6400 C4 2G DDR2 ram on ECS 945GCT DDR2 667 motherboard?


The combo doesn't look good........... but the motherboard and E6850 Retail CPU combo was $ 210!!! at Fry's.


But I already bought Corsair XMS2 6400 C4 2G......


Should I return this ram and buy DDR2 667 ram? or can I install this PC6400 into this ECS DDR2 667 board?


My concern is that the system won't boot at all (when I install this PC6400 ram into this PC5300 board). I hope the system boot and works fine without any error (even in 667, 5-5-5-18 speed!)


Any help?!

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