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Random freezing!


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Dear all:

I posted earlier about having wrong CAS latency and you helped a lot fixing that problem. And now I have my TWIN2X4096-6400C5 running at: 5-5-5-15…..

But unfortunately my computer began to freeze randomly. Sometimes twice a day and sometimes once a week….. I tried to solve that problem by increasing the RAM voltage (2.1V) but that didn’t help a lot. tried auto settings again but no use... Memtest didn’t report errors when testing my RAM and bios is updated to the most recent one. Can you help me please??


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in the mean time I am still using Windows XP 32bit and I know that it would not recognize the whole RAM.

I was planning to upgrade to VISTA 64bit which will allow me to take advantage of my RAM. but the freezing problem is what delayed that move.

I wanted to solve it first....

is there a specific update in Windows XP that might solve the problem if applied?

another thing please: can the high voltage (2.1V) damage the RAM or it is ok to run it like that during long term usage

Thanks for the quick reply

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