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Shorter HX Series Cables?


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New to the forums here. I just installed a HX620 after researching the numerous glorious reviews on it. Thus far, it is extremely quiet and I am pretty happy.


However, one of the main reasons I purchased it was the modular cable system and a desire to declutter my case. However, after installing it I am a bit disappointed in the cable selection. I have found the cables too long.


I am wondering if Corsair has any plans to make a "short cable" set available as one other modular PSU manufacturer has done?


I have a larger case (Antec P180) and was just baffled to find that the modular cables were so long that I had to double back them, zip tie them to other cables, etc. In the end, my "clean modular" case ended up looking almost as cluttered.


Specifically, the 80cm 3 SATA power cable is very long. I wonder why there is so much space btw the 3 SATA power connectors. Using it for my 3 hard drives results in a big loop and torque on the connectors which is very undesirable and persists even if I distance my HDs. It even seems too much space for optical disks.


Also, both auxiliary board power pins hardwired into the PSU results in having to zip tie the unused one off, resulting in a big wad of unused cable.


The 24 pin ATX cable is simply monstrous (I can deal with this as I know its need to be hardwired and its need to be versatile).


Just a few suggestions for the next generation. Not trying to complain too much. In the end, it wasnt as clean as I expected and would appreciate any availability of shorter modular cables. Thx.

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There are no plans, as far as I know, to come out with a shorter set of cables. The truth is, there is no perfect set of cables, because the hardware that a customer selects and the way they decide to install the hardware will vary from build to build. Longer cables is always going to be the safer bet because you can always fold the cables over and zip tie them if you have too much slack, while if the cables are too short, you either need some sort of extension cable or you are simply out of luck. Here is a tip for the 8 and 24 pin connectors: Route them behind the motherboard and loop them around to plug them in. It will give you a cleaner look and although its more difficult when you initially install the board, you wont have to worry about the cables getting in the way in the future.
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