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ASUS P5E3 Premium, E8400, XMS3


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Hey Guys - noob question here. I have this mobo and paired it with the E8400 and 4GB of CORSAIR XMS3 DDR 3 RAM (1333), which the settings in the mobo is set to auto, but is rated at 9-9-9-24. The bios is set to auto set the timing for the memory, but I really want to manually set them myself, but the bios seems much more involved than what I am accustomed to.


Can I get guidance on how I can set the memory settings manually for this board? Any recommendations or suggestions would be great.


Again, sorry for the nooby question, but this mobo is rather involved.



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Download memtest from--->
and extract the ISO image. Burn the ISO image to an CD-ROM disk.

Download CPU-z from

Please post screenshots of your CPU-z CPU/Memory and SPD tabs.AI Tweaker


Configure System Performance Settings


Ai Overclock Tuner = X.M.P.

eXtreme Memory Profile = Disabled

CPU Ratio Setting = 9

FSB Strap to Northbridge = 333

DRAM Frequency = DDR3-1333

DRAM Command Rate = 2N

DRAM CLK Skew on Channel A = Auto

DRAM CLK Skew on Channel B = Auto

DRAM Timing Control = Manual

CAS# Latency = 9

RAS# to CAS# Delay = 9

RAS# PRE Time = 9

RAS# ACT Time = 24

All Else to Auto

DRAM Static Read Control = Disabled

DRAM Dynamic Write Control = Disabled

Transaction Booster = Disabled


CPU Voltage = Auto

CPU PLL Voltage = Auto

FSB Termination Voltage = Auto

DRAM Voltage = 1.6v

NB Voltage = Auto

SB Voltage = Auto

Clock Over-Charging Voltage = Auto

Load Line Calibration = Auto

CPU GTL Voltage Reference = Auto

NB GTL Voltage Reference = Auto

CPU Spread Spectrum = Disabled

PCIE Spread Spectrum = Disabled


CPU Voltage Reference = Auto

CPU Voltage Damper = Enabled

Boot to the Memtest CD allowing for two full passes.



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