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ABIT KG7-RAID locking up


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I have an ABIT KG7-RAID with one Corsair vs512mbecc266r memory running Linux (Fedora Core 1) and an AMD XP 1600 processor and an Matrox G200 AGP card. Over the past several weeks the system has started to just lock up more and more frequently. I've tried under-clocking the CPU (1500+(100))hoping that would help, but it has not. I've even tried adding extra clock cycles (via BIOS) with no help. Running memtest86 doesn't help pinpoint the problem since it too locks up. I ran test #4 and it only ran for 13 minutes before locking up (running at regular speed for the XP 1600). Do I need to buy a new MB? A new CPU? A new graphics card? Other suggestions? The same memory in a different MB and CPU also cause memtest to lock up, though WinXP has been running with NO problems on this system. Thanks
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