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Best MOBO for o/c 2 pair of twinx 512PC3200 C2


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RAMGUY et al. what is the best motherboard brand/model for overclocking a watercooled setup that is as follows: System specs: THE HARDWARE: Koolance case with watercooling setup [url]www.koolance.com[/url] Processor sits at about 25 degrees but can get down to 18 on a brisk day. Or can get as high as 32 ANTEC TrueBlue 480 Watt PSU Gigabyte 8knxp with F9 BIOS (most recent) AGP set to auto Intel P4 2.4C standard clock nothing touched 2 pair of Corsair 256meg each matched XMS PC3200 Platinum Edition RAM w/ heat spreader set in dual channel mode. MSI Geforce FX 5900 128MB standard clock 53.03 WHQL most recent drivers from [url]www.nvidia.com[/url] Maxtor 80 gig 5400 RPM NTFS Maxtor 160 gig 7200 rpm 8mb cache in 2 partitions (10 gig for OS and the rest for whatever) NTFS TDK 32x10x40 CDRW Pioneer A05 4x DVD Writer Using Intel Onboard NIC and Realtek onboard sound. Everything SATA is disabled and the RAID controller is set to be an ATA controller. WinXP SP1a - all updates obtained Everything in my system is WHQL the GIGABYTE 8knxp motherboard SUCKS HARD!!!!!!! I cannot even USE 4 modules with the damn thing. It has 6 slots and I can only use 2 in dual channel mode. WTF?? So what I am asking is: what motherboard do you KNOW will work excellent with overclocking and being stable at the same time with 4 of these TWINX modules running 2x2 in dual channel mode. thanks for any help Steven
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