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Need RMA


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I have a 1gb stick which caused my system to die and not power up. I have run the prescribed procedures for testing the memory by setting the BIOS to default and running MEM Test 1.7 on a single DIMM and one of the two DIMM's failed.


Can I please get a RMA approval?



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PC2-6400 is the type of memory and I have no idea of the part number because the sticker is not on the memory, on top of which I bought this at FRY's a long time ago and I don't have the package it came in.


As for the mother board I really don't understand what difference it makes because the other stick of CORSAIR memory I have works fine. However, that being said the mother board is made by GIGABYTE and is Core2 DUO and CORE2 Quad compatible, also DDRII compatible; P35 chipset and 775 socket. As you may have gathered by giving you all of this information, I don't know the exact part number of the mother board as I am at work and my PC is at home.


Thanks for the help.


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  • Corsair Employees

You can use the use the On Line RMA Request Form to request the RMA, however you will need to know the part number of the modules. If there is no label at all on the memory they may not be covered under warranty.




The following parts are not covered by this warranty:


* Modules that are missing the label containing Corsair’s part number

* Modules that are purchased from other end users

* Modules that Corsair determines were not manufactured by Corsair, i.e., counterfeit Corsair modules


Depending on the actual part number there may be specific settings that need to be set in your BIOS to ensure the modules work properly, and configuring these settings may resolve the issue and prevent you from needing to send the parts in (I DO realize that only one part has failed).

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