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Update ... Dell Dimension 2400


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Just wanted to share my conclusion with the issue I had using the XMS 2700C2 in the Dell. For those who did not see the original thread, the Dell detected the RAM as 266MHz (PC2100). I tried updating the BIOS from A03 to the newest A05. No change, the RAM was still running at 266MHz (according to the BIOS) It appears (I posted the question on the Dell forum also) that the system can only handle CL2.5 at 333MHz. This doesn't explain to me why it chose to run the CL2 at a lower speed instead of just running it at slower timing. But it's not my system, so I can't really play with it much to try and find out. RAM GUY ... is it possible that the SPD shows the system the timing setup and then the system uses that to determine what frequency to run the RAM at?
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