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Compatibility of TwinX1024-PC3200C2PRO and Abit AN7


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Hello, I have a general question about compatibility with the TwinX1024-PC3200C2PRO modules and the Abit AN7 motherboard. I was able to get the pack at a really good price but I am not sure if these modules are what I am looking for. I plan on doing some heavy overclocking of the AN7 motherboard. I realize the low latency version of the memory would of been best but I could not pass on this deal. However, if this memory cannot perform at the same level as the low latency memory then I don't want to use it. I'm also not sure whether the PC3200 is best for my needs. Will this memory give me the headroom I need for some heavy overclocking? I am kind of under the gun here because I have only a week before they have to go back for credit. One more question, will you take this memory in on trade for another module? I believe this was asked in another thread but it didn't have any replys so far. Thanks for your time. :D: :D:
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