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Twin2X4096-6400C5DHX + Foxconn X38A OC?

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I'd originally posted this in an old forum post I'd made somewhere else on the forums before I realized I should probably post it here.


So it's been a while, and these modules have been running pretty well stock on the X38A (P05 BIOS version). Tonight I actually tried to go for the gusto, based on reading a lot of articles, lot of forum threads, on how people have overclocked this memory and this motherboard (though not necessarily together).


Here's how I set it up:


5-5-5-15-2T @ 1.92v

FSB: 427

Slider: 1:2.5

CPU Multi: 6x


The system totally failed to POST. So I reset the CMOS, brought it back up, and tried to do something a little more mild:


5-5-5-15-2T @ 1.92v

FSB: 350

Slider: 1:2.4

CPU Multi: 7


The system totally didn't POST!! It equates to about a 40MHz increase on the RAM clock, and the damned thing didn't post. I've heard people say that the C5's aren't that good for overclocking, and maybe this isn't the right thread for this question, but does this sound like a RAM thing, or a mobo thing? Have you guys done any testing with these modules at numbers anywhere near what I've picked? I've heard of people overclocking this board to 500MHz+ on the FSB, and I've heard of the C4's going really high in their own setups... are the C5's really just this terrible at OCing?



Any suggestions? Anyone have any experience OCing the Twin2X4096-6400C5DHX modules on the X38A? Or, hell, even just the X38 chipset in general?



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Let's do this in step format.

Download memtest from--->
and extract the ISO image. Burn the ISO image to an CD-ROM disk.

Fully Clear the CMOS. Enter the BIOS. Load Setup Defaults, Save Setup Defaults. Set to the below values:


Fox Central Control Unit


Fox Intelligent Stepping

Memory Target Frequency = 800

CPU Frequency Setting = 400

Super Clock Free = Disabled

Intel ® Speedstep = Disabled

CPU Ratio Setting = 8

CPU Frequency : Memory Speed = Auto

PCIE Frequency Setting = 100

PCI Clock = 33.6


CPU Configuration

C1E Support = Disabled

Hardware Prefecther = Enabled

Adjacent Cache Line Prefetch = Enabled

Max CPUID Value Limit = Disabled

Intel Virtualization Tech = Enabled

Execute Disable Bit = Enabled

PECI = Disabled

Memory Timing Config

Configure DRAM Timing by SPD = Disabled


DRAM Timing TCL = 5

DRAM Timing TRCD = 5

DRAM Timing TRP = 5

DRAM Timing TRAS = 18

DRAM Timing TWR = 6

DRAM Timing TRFC = 52

DRAM Timing TWTR = 10

DRAM Timing TRRD = 2

DRAM Timing TRTP = 3


All Voltage Control

CPU Voltage Control = VID + X = 1.31v

Memory Voltage Control = VID + X = 1.95v

NB Voltage Control = VID + X = 1.3v

SB Voltage Control = Default

FSB Voltage Contol = Default

Boot to the Memtest CD allowing for two full passes.



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