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16 Gb GT very slow !


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I just buyed my 4th Flash voyager key.

This one is a 16Gb GT model.


I'm very disapointed to see that every new model is lower than the previous one !

For information my 16Gb GT is lower than my 16Gb Standard that is slower than my 2Gb Standard ...

Amazing no ? Hmmm not really !


This is Hdbench 3.40 B6 results :


Flash voyager 16 Gb 24314 7438 22174 1462

Flash voyager GT 16 Gb 21275 7909 18253 2060

The 2 keys are NTFS formated !

I ran a second test and the GT is slower than the standard !!


For information my standard 2 Gb have a write speed of 10 Mb (45% faster)


So this is my question :

Is the rubber and reliability the only advantage that corsair still deliver with its flash voyager ??

I can't afford to pay the more expensive model for the slower performance !!

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Yes with 100 Mb ...


I asked for a RMA !




Did you get any response - I've been waiting about 4 days now and nothing has come through the ether.


Just wondering if I am the only one.

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