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Motherboard not listed, DX48BT2

Tau Nemesis

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Hello, any help with what modules are certified/tested for the DX48BT2? I am interested in the DRR3-1600.


Also there is some conflicting information around as you can see toward the end of this thread, the HardOCP Editor insist that no mobo can support more than 2 GB for 1600 MHz memory; but I think they are misreading the information from Intel, since that is only true with single sided modules, but we would get 4 GB with double sided ones. Yet please check it out I would like your opinion.



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We would not have tested that MB as of yet and if we did it would be a reference MB so it would not show up on MB test reports. But officially the Intel MB's only support DDR1333 unless you have a 1600 FSB CPU. The MB that are tested would be from the MB the customer searches for from our memory configurator, and I doubt that will show up for a while, but I have asked that is be added to the configurtator.
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The X48 officially support 1600 FSB, of course you need to have a CPU that match it, the system FSB will automatically adapt to the CPU.


I don't plan to OC, since I want a reliable system for years to come, and at the same time be as future proof as possible; I cannot wait until Nehalem is out, but I was waiting for a system with this chipset in particular for the official support of the 1600 FSB. So as you can imagine I got the CPU to match it.


I am only waiting for information regarding the memory for this system.


The maximum amount of memory for this chipset at 1600 FSB (using 1600 MHz DIMM's and CPU to match) would be 2 GB or 4 GB?


For 1600 MHz memory, only two DIMMs are supported for a maximum of 4 GB utilizing 1 Gb memory technology. DIMMs should be configured as a matched pair equal in speed and size in DIMM 0 and DIMM 1 of channel B.


If you are using DDR3 1600 MHz DIMMs, it is recommentded [sic] that you only

populate two of the four DIMM slots, specifically one slot in each channel. It is

recommended that you populate slot 1 of each channel (black connectors).

The maximum system memory for DDR3 1600 is 2 GB using 1 Gbit technology

memory in a 1R x 8 configuration (single-sided modules).



For what I gather would be 1GB using single sided modules and 4 GB using double sided ones, but would like to know what Corsair says about this, since as you could see from the link in my first post the HardOCP Editor insist that no mobo can support more than 2 GB for 1600 MHz memory.


Also awaiting your input in tested/certified memory (thank you for asking it to be included)

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  • Corsair Employees
I cannot comment on the Intel version of the MB as I have not seen it, if I did I would still not be able to comment because of the NDA with Intel. I will say that the Intel BOXED MB's do not always allow you to over clock and as such at this time that is the only way to run 1600 Mhz memory or faster. As the MB's come available we will test them and publish test reports on Corsair Labs: Performance Reports we test 5-8 MB's a week and publish reports the best I can suggest would be to keep checking that link and I am sure there will be more information.
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I am also waiting for memory configuration for this board.

Seems like a solid board. Intel does not make it real clear

what support this board has for 1600 memory.

The specs say, DDR3 1.5V SPD.

Only two Dimm's can be used of 1600 memory and is maxed out at 4 GB

using 1 GB technology.

Does not say anything about OC memory.

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I have an Intel DX48BT2 motherboard two TW3X4G1333C9DHX (2x2GB) kits. With all four modules installed, the board does not POST. With one TW3X4G1333C9DHX kit (4GB RAM total) installed, the board does POST. Increasing the RAM to 6GB with a TWIN3X2048-1333C9DHX G (1x1GB) kit allows the board to POST as well, as does running it with just 2GB installed. The DX48BT2 is set to factory CPU and RAM timings (e.g., no overclocking).


I am, however, experiencing intermittent lockups with either of the 4GB kits installed.


According to Intel's web site, a BIOS update is available. I will trying updating the BIOS to see what difference, if any, this makes.




Aryeh Goretsky

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Apologies for the delay in a reply, but I had to step away from this project for a bit. I have increased the memory and MCH voltages and the system now appears to be operating in a stable fashion.




Aryeh Goretsky

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Hi Ram Guy,


For the better part of a week I have been trying to get two sticks of some rather nice TWIN3X4096-1600C7DHXIN G ram to work in my brand new Intel DX48BT2 Motherboard and my best efforts have not been entirely successful. In fact 'total abject failure' is closer to the truth and I am totally stumped. :thinking:


If I leave all the BIOS memory settings at 'Default' the RAM runs at 1200Mhz at the following timings (from CPI-Z v1.45):


DRAM Frequency 600MHz

FSB::DRAM Ratio 2:3

CL 8

tRCD 9

tRP 9

tRAS 24

Command Rate 1T


This is stable but somewhat slow. I have inserted the RAM into the two black slots as recommended in the obscure tech docs for this board.


If I attempted to change the RAM settings in the bios the only other option I get is 'Manual'. As this RAM has Intel XMP profiles I was expecting to be able to select one but I don't get the option.


Obviously there was some sort of Auto-detect problem so I bravely entered the following values into the BIOS:


FSB Strap 400Mhz

CL 7

tRCD 7

tRP 7

tRAS 20

Command Rate 2T

Voltage 1.9v


After a reboot the end result was rather bad. The machine fell on it's back, screached out a Three Beep error code (Memory not found) as if in pain, displayed a black screen for many nail biting moments, auto rebooted, beeped some more for good measure, and finally came up with a warning that the bios settings had failed. When my hands stopped shaking I reset it back to 'Default' and went in search of a new Bios.


Having Updated to the latest Bios version BTX3810J.1554.2008.0501.1628 (Shared by both X38 and X48 Boards) I now had 5 Extra memory "magic numbers" appears. Woo hoo! :): Unfortunately the motherboard still failed to read any XMP settings and died just as spectacularly as before if I manually entered 7-7-7-20, 2T, 1.9v, 2T once again.


After a lot of reading on the net I guessed that it was these 5 new memory numbers (tRFC, tRRD, tWR, tWTR, and tRTP) that I needed to find the correct values for.


I tried the following combinations for tRFC, tRRD, tWR, tWTR, and tRTP:


60,4,10,5,5 (Default)






Things got a little better as I could now get into windows again but none of these values was stable, there were frequent failures to boot, App/Game Crashes, BSOD's and random reboots. The whole spectrum of badness.


I then tried changing the main values from 7-7-7-20 to 8-8-8-22 and 9-9-9-24 in combination with each of the above and although system stability improved it would still hang/crash randomly after a few hours. The closest I got to stable was this combination:


Main Settings 8-8-8-22 combined with Extra Settings 60,6,15,7,7.


Using these I ran Memtest86+ from a boot floppy and let it loop all the way through a single complete test. Everything passed just fine.


Unfortunately the system still wasn't 100% stable. I have a fresh install of Vista Ultimate 32-Bit, the latest chipset drivers from intel, and the latest Graphics drivers from nVidia and the system still locks up every hour or two, or fails to detect the ram from time to time (Warnings from the unhapy Bios)when I do a warm-restart.


I have reverted to the safe default again (DDR3-1200) so I can get to this forum and ask for help. I really am very much at a dead end and I can not think of anything else to try. If I have posted this in teh wrong thread then pleasee forgive me, but I've reached the "Help me Obi-wan Kenobi! You're my only hope!" stage of clueless desperation.


Your advice would be very much appreciated!




My CPU is a QX9770 which has a 1600Mhz FSB (400Mhz base clock, Quad-Pumped). That's where the strange FSB to RAM ratios are coming from.

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Hi Ram Guy,


Agreed, it should be 1-1 wuth CPU FSB at 2T, that's what I was aiming for but it's unstable if I set it by hand (due to lack of XMP detection).


I have left the CPU frequency alone. The 'natural' state for the QX9770 is 1600FSB with the core at 3.2Ghz (400*8). The X48 based motherboards are the only ones Intel sanctions as having full official support for this CPU. If you buy the new CPU's with the faster FSB it AUTO detects it and enables it by default. This is the only way you can get DDR3-1600 to run in sync. it's younger brother QX9650 has a 1333FSB and goes well with DDR3-1333. It's the same pattern.


Using 'Default' ram settingsit has dropped the RAM speed down to about DDR3-1200 spec and is using an ugly fractional ratio. The CPU FSB remains at 1600. It's playing with common factors and other math tricks to run the ram slower than normal, which is not very efficient. It boots and is 100% stable but I can't really leave it this way. I know the $1000 ram can run in sync with low latency at the FSB's clock rate but without XMP working I just can't get the settings right.


It's 2.20AM in the morning here in the UK so I am begining to fade somewhat!. I may not have understood your question, but I am trying.


By the way, just in case this was caused by overheating I have mounted a huge 120mm fan directly over the RAM and northbridge. They actually feel cool to the touch. Very nice heatsinks on this RAM!. The CPU is water cooled and runs at about 35c - 50c, which I think is safe. I am not attempting to overclock anything. In theory I should not have to. I totally agree with the 2T thing, that makes sence but didn't stop the crashes when I set it by hand. If I left the wait state timing on AUTO it would sometimes choose 1T at 7-7-7-20 which is obviously suicidal, so I did not give it any choice. I also used CPU-Z to double check it was set to 2T.


At the moment it's only using 1T at the moment as it has 'under clocked' the RAM whe in fully AUTO compatibility mode. It decided to do that all by it's self and I am not going to mess with as I need the beast to stay up while I type this reply.


What do you think Ram Guy?, bad BIOS, bad Motherboard or bad Ram?, I am out of ideas. Should I try and up the RAM voltage higher than 1.9v or does this invidte a meltdown.


The other TWIN3X4096-1600C7DHX RAMCorsair make is more 'generic' and I wanted to avoid having to tweak the timings just in case it all went pear shaped like it just did. Mine is the TWIN3X4096-1600C7DHXIN G and has "Intel Extreme Memory" printed on the side. The motherboard supports XMP (Intel Extreme Memory Profiles), DDR1600 without the need to overclock, and 4Gb RAM (On Two sticks) if you run at this higher speed.


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Just in case it helps, I have taken some more Screenshots from SiSoft XII2.SP2b and CPUZ. These are the default settings thet the motherboard chooses with this ram. Obviously the speed is too low but I am desperately clutching at straws...


I think in 'Default' DDR-1333 mode the ram is actually running at 300Mhz*4 and not 333Mhz*4. The X48 Chipset is using strance multiples as it's lowest common factor whan synchronizing FSB Clocks and RAM Clocks.


In the Bios it is using the SPD for DDR3-1333 which it considers safe, though as I said it is under-clocking a bit to help it sync with the 1600FSB. Some AMD CPUs did the same trick depending on there clock speed, giving you less bandwidth than the RAM was rated at as they needed to do some dodgy maths to get everything in sync.


It should automatically working at 400Mhz*4 if only the XMP profile would kick in. If I knew the the full tCL,tRC,tRP,tRAS,tRFC,tRRD,tWR,tWTR and any undocumented chipset adjustments that XMP enables then I could do this by hand. I know the first 4 are 7-7-7-20, the Voltage is 1.9v and the Command rate is 2T. Everything else is guesswork.


In theory the XMP DDR3-1600, this motherboard for which XMP was intended, and a 1600FSB CPU should be a match made in heaven, but it just won't play nicely. As it passed a full run of memtest86+ (but only on 8-8-8-22) my gut feeling is that the RAM is probably OK and I just need a voltage tweak (ICH9 or DDR3 Overvolting?) and the full tRFC,tRRD,tWR,tWTR values from the XMP ROM which I could enter by hand. Although I have built my last 4 PC's from scratch I have not overclocked or meddled with any of the advanced BIOS settings so I a really ignorant about tweaking stuff like this.


Amarica-to-Europe time shift is going to be fun. It's really late/early in the UK now so I've got to go to bed, 3,30AM!!!, I'll be back in 6 or 7 hours, thanks for your help :):


Good night, back tomorrow. Zzzzzzz zzz z z


EDIT: Extra info...


I have rooted about in the bios and found the following values which may or may not help. Is the MCH voltage high enough to cope with DDR3-1600?. I know overclockers play with this value to get older X38 motherboards to work with your fast ram but I assumed I would not have to. If that's what it takes though I will give it a try if you tell me what to do.


MCH/ICH Voltage Override: 1.250

FSB Voltage Override: 1.20

Processor Multiplier: Auto

Host Clock Frequency: Auto

Half Ratio Multiplier: Disable

Processor Speed: 3.2 Ghz

processor Voltage: 1.325


EDIT: More extra info...


Intel have now added a short but shiny new document expounding the virtues of this new motherboard "Introducing the Intel® Desktop Board DX48BT2 Extreme Series". They do indeed state "Two DIMM sockets designed to support up to 4 GB of DDR3 1600 MHz memory" (the black sockets).




I've double checked on the Corsair site and I did buy the right ram for an intel motherboard, it says "Tested together at 1600MHz, Vdimm = 1.9V, at latency settings of 7-7-7-20 on Intel Extreme Series motherboards":



The combination should go off like a rocket rather than a landmine. It this combo doesn't work by the time I get the huge credit card bill for al this new kit then I am going to go beyond 'Desperate' and into 'Total Tormented Vexation' mode. :D:




Sorry Ram Guy, I don't mean to ramble on or irritate you, it's just that I am starting to panic. I've been at this for days , I choose quality brands like Intel & Corsair and normally it all just works first time. I 've had it boot into windows for a while at 7-7-7-20 but it's just not stable. The blue screen's say somthing like DRIVER_NOT_LESSTHAN_OR EQUAL and the crashes are in random programs and services. Reboots just happen without warning and leave no clues. I'm so close and yet so far. This combination must have worked for someone else, in theory it's all great kit and I don't want to RMA anything if it's just a config issue.






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Thanks Ram Guy, if it sounds like bad ram to you then I will take your advice and send them back.


I am in the UK, I don't know if this causes any problems. If it does I will go through my original local supplier, but I will inform them that I am following your advice.


As you've been kind enought to help, and it may also assist others with a similar problem I will keep you posted as to whether this cures the problem. I don't know how long it will take but I WILL give you an update so you know how it turns out. If there is still a problem then I will also RMA the motherboard, either way the problem will get sorted. Thanks again!

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Hmm, that sounds worrying. :eek: I hope it's not the motherboard as well.

OK then, talk to you soon, hopefully with much joy and relief. This will probably take a few days to sort out. I've got a way to move forward from here so I better get started. Bye for now...

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No problem RamGuy, I will keep you posted.


As there is a non-zero chance my Motherboard is bad I have found a way to swapping it out for another identical DX48BT2 that I can get hold of in a few days. I am only doing this first as this is relatively quick and easy for me to do compared to the RMA and I can eliminate the Motherboard as the cause. I like to be methodical :stickpoke


I will then re-test using the current memory and see if it then works. This will also help us both discover if there is a pettern of some sort. You are probably right about changing the RAM but if it fails twice then I will then be 100% sure it's the DDR3 and will RMA it (as you suggest) knowing I covered all the other obvious possibilities.


Thanks for you help, this forum is great!


Back soon with an update...

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I have used the same board ...

I have use Corsair 1333 Mhz DDR3 Ram with a QX9650....


My board also restarts few times.

PSU is checked with 2 another Boards it stable.

Dont forgett to use a North bridge cooler (40x40,20 FAN).


If tried it already with a cooler but the bard wont work stable...

After a BIOS Upgrade the board would be more worse than before....

I have send it back to my supplier,


Now i have choosed MSI P7N2 but this board wont eighter work for me

the northbrige was faulty (no stable PCIe communication, GPU freezes, CPU freezes, and memory errors go along with each other)


lol i have now testet 3 Board all of them where defect ....


ASUS P5E DDR2-1066 with Corsair, wont work stable (memmory controller issue?) -> back to my supplier

Intel X48 DDR3-1333MHZ with Corsair, reboots

MSI P7N2 DDR3-1333MHZ with Corsair, faulty northbridge...


But my old

Asus P5N-32 E / SLI CPU-E6700 is now working stable with the latest bios release (14.X)

and 4x 1Gb Ram (DDR2-800MHZ non Corsair ram, sorry)

befor this release (bios 11.x), it was unstable like hell.



MADE IN CHINA *what whould YOU expect*

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Hi moogman79,


Sounds like you've been having a bad time too. Same motherboard. Interesting...


Don't give up hope. I think the thing to do is try different combinations of motherboard and ram and work out which ones are stable. I will keep the current Corsair sticks for one more test as my gut feeling is they are OK. If not then RamGuy's given me a way to return them.



I tried cooling the northbridge with a massive 120mm fan, it's an overkill and kept both ram and NB very cool. it didn't help though so I don't think it's an overheating problem. I think the first wave of these new X48 boards may be experiencing 'issues'.


I also tested the power draw of my machine under load and it was just over 300W, my PSU of 620W+ should be more than enough to cover it. Your PSU is Gigantic and should be able to run a small town!.


I believe Corsair when they say there ram should work at 7-7-7-20 2T at 1600 Mhz, and it's been tested in an Intel extreme series motherboard. A new DX48BT2 motherboard is going in on monday with any luck and I will retest. This ram and motherboars SHOULD work well together. If after changing both RAM and Motherboard things still don't work then perhaps Corsair/Intel can take a closer look in there own labs.


Status update should be a about Wed/Thur after I have done a few passes of Memtest86+ and some games of Company Of Heroes!.


EDIT: Update...

Replacement motherboard did not arrive this afternoon, fingers crossed it arrives tomorrow morning. If anyone gets the DX48BT2 and DDR3-1600 working before I do I would be most interested to know the details. Back soon...

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