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Corsair RMA guys deads ?

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Case #454918




What happend ??????


No answers to my messages in RMA interface.

No statut changes in RMA Interface about my case evolution


My memory banks was sent 1 month ago to NETHERLAND center because

is it cheaper to me to send me to an European center (140 € to ship to US).


I received AR for the delivery of my packet from post company. it was delivered......


Well....I have 2 questions ....?


Is the 1 year warranty is a farce ? appearing yes

Is the support can be worse than Western Digital ? appearing yes, and is it not easy to do worse them....


See details below, i'm french and i'm really pissed of about this bloody situation and also to spend my time (and my money) to bring support for a product supposed to be warranty for the life...


Let me know if I add to inform My IS Staff (at Southfield) to stop to work with your company cause support is crappy and inefficient. Please let me know ?




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RMA Status for TSX Case #454918 [ Go to your case ]

Thank you for choosing Corsair products! The following is the status of your RMA Number 1048809.

RMA Issued On: 2/27/2008

Defective Parts Received on: Defective Parts Not Yet Received

* NOTE: it may take up to 24 hours for this date to be updated after arrival at Corsair

Part Number Received: N/A

Quantity Received: N/A

RMA Replacement Parts Ship Date: N/A

Replacement Part Number: N/A

Replacement Part Quantity: N/A

Replacement Shipping Method: N/A

Replacement Shipping Tracking Number: N/A

- - - - - - - - - - -

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  • Corsair Employees
I have forwarded your message to our RMA department and asked them to update you with the status of your RMA. If you do not hear anything within the next few hours, please let me know.
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