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RMA Approval...


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Hye bro...

i already send RMA request.


Report Case : 512196

Link Case : http://www.corsair.com/helpdesk/ram_support_a.aspx


and i already get the RMA approval n assign to return the defect item.


then i check for the shpping cost from the delivery carrier customer services, & it will cost me nearly about USD 34.5065 or RM110(Malaysian Ringgit) to send the item to ur RMA Department Services.


The shpping cost to return the item to ur department is already nearly same price for 1 VS2GSDS667D2 ddr2 ram.


So, that is my problem now... the shpping cost is too expensive.


IS there other better way for me to cut the shpping cost / send back the item to your reseller / distributor here (Malaysia) ???





------- Problem ------

Brought 2 unit VS2GSDS667D2 to upgrade my system.

But my system only allowed one of this unit install in my system.

i already try both ram port, work fine with 1 unit, but when install 2 unit, my system just at black screen, nothing happen. It just seem my system only allow 1 unit (corsair) install at one time.


i also try to instal the KB929777 patch, but it not allowed me, because my system only run below 3GB.


i also have tried using the Safe Mode Method, but same problem happen.



i also use the memtest, & no error found

the memtest display:


Chipset : Intel - 945GM/PM (ECC : Disabled)

FSB : 133MHz - Type: DDR2



RAM 221MHz (DDR443) / CAS : 4 - 4 - 4 - 12 / Single Channel (64bits)



I think this both unit got nothing problem because i using one of this unit. The problem occur when i install both unit in my system only.


I send my system to my distributor system, & it say, it might be compatible issue.





My System

- Toshiba M200

- Windows Vista Home Basic SP1

- 32bit OS

- Processor : Genuine Intel® CPU T2080 @ 1.73GHz

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