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CM2X1024-6400C4 - defective module?


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Just finished building my new game machine (see profile for specs) and had a very interesting problem. I left the Asus BIOS setting as shipped until I had the machine all configured and encased, whereupon I decided to update the BIOS to make sure it had current support for my E8400.


That's where things went wrong; the BIOS flashed OK and gave a successful completion/checksum, but when I rebooted, I got a corrupted text screen telling me my BIOS checksum was corrupted. To make a very long story mercifully short, I was able to pull one of my 2 Corsair modules out and get the machine to POST and boot, of course with only 1GB of RAM. Subsequent attempts to get the machine to boot with the second module in place failed; I moved both of them around in every legal combination and it was no go unless I pulled the suspect module out.


Finally, I changed the RAM clock from 800 MHz equivalent to 667 MHz and the machine boots OK with both modules installed. I haven't run memtest on it yet, but I loaded up two very CPU-intensive games and ran them all evening with no issues. With the lowered clock rate, the machine boots no matter which module is in the A1 slot. Changing it back to 800 MHz causes the bad mojo messages and corrupted BIOS alert every time, with the suspect module installed.


I did try resetting the BIOS to all defaults one more time, and it failed to POST. Right now, I have the RAM clock set to 667 and the RAM voltage set to 2.1 with all other values default and it works well. Even with the higher voltage, raising the clock rate locks it up again.


Bad RAM? Or is there something else I could try?

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I do have the latest version (1006) although it's technically a beta. The official release predates the E8400 CPU so I am concerned it may not have proper support.


I will try a reload of the older BIOS and report back.

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