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2700ll or 3200ll


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I am looking to see which ram would be best for me. I do want something that will not take a lot of playing around with to get good performance. I may play with overclocking it a bit in the future, but would like a good stable performance from a module that I can just plug in also. I am looking at getting 2-512 mb sticks, and my board is not dual channel. I have a p-4 2.4g with a 533 fsb my motherboard is a elite L4S8A2 [url]http://www.ecsusa.com/products/l4s8a2.html[/url] The board specs for 333 (2700) ram, but will use 400 (3200) only on a conditional basis. I am not even sure if it will support more than one stick with 3200. My graphics card is a ATI aiw 9800 pro and I have an Audigy 2 zs platinum. I was thinking that the 2700 would be a safe bet, what do you think ram guy?
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