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TX750 Kinda noisy


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Hi, I am wondering if anyone else experiences this problem, or if its a normal characteristic of this particular powersupply.


I notice that the fan in this particular powersupply actually spins pretty fast even when it is experiencing a low load (eg at bios startup) or no load (outside the computer, and jump started). I would say the noise is akin to a 1200 rpm 120mm case fan....not loud, but something that is noticable in a quiet room about 10 feet away. I listened closer and its due to the amount of air the fan is moving. It seems like maybe there is no speed control on the fan, or the lower speed of the fan is already relatively audible. (eg the fan doesn't ramp down to as slow as other less powerful powersupplies) I wonder how loud it gets at high system loads. This is after I let the power supply cool to room temperature.


If i put the PS In my case and if I turn all my fans to almost silent, then the power supply becomes the loudest thing in my computer.


I also tested a silverstone element 500W (quieter), and a antec truepower 380W (which is almost silent).

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Our TX750 is definitely louder than our smaller PSUs, and this is the nature of higher wattage PSUs, however it should not be excessively loud. The fan speed is determined by the load on the PSU, and the fan won't "ramp up" until you have around 450 watts of load on it.
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