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Toshiba Satellite U305 became unstable with 4GB


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I have a Toshiba Satellite U305-S7446 and I recently bought Corsair's VS4GSDSKIT667D2.


I am running Vista Ultimate 64-Bit and after installing the modules I see all 4 Gb of RAM.


Since I've installed these modules, my system became unstable, heating up a lot more than it used to with the original modules (2*512 MB).

By unstable I mean that occasionally the computer hangs and the image on the screen get distorted. Sometimes the computer doesn't start at all (can't even get to the BIOS).


When I tried to put the original modules (the ones I got with my laptop), the computer works perfectly.


I was issued an RMA#1052226 (case #494402) but before I send the modules I would appreciate your opinion about it.


Additionally, since I'm in Israel right now, shipping costs of the modules for replacement costs more than half the price on a new product (I bought the at Fry's for about $75 and shipping costs about $45 via UPS).

What's your advise on that?






P.S. I hope I've theaded in the right place because I wasn't sure since it's both a laptop issue and a RMA issue...

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