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8500C5D revisions

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Hi RAM Guy,


In November I bought 2 pairs of TWIN2X1024-8500C5D v1.2 (4 sticks in total).


They were working fine up until a couple of months ago when 1 stick died (would not POST).


I sent 1 pair back to the shop for RMA and they recently sent me back a new TWIN2X1024-8500C5D v4.1.


So, now I have one pair of TWIN2X1024-8500C5D v1.2 and one pair of TWIN2X1024-8500C5D v4.1.


I realised these are different revisions, and checked these forums where I found that it is not recommended to run different revisions of the memory. So I phoned the local distributor in Australia (Altech Computers) for technical support and they've told me it's fine to run all 4 sticks if it's at default settings.


But now when I run all 4 sticks, I'm getting random freezing and blue screens. I have tested both pairs individually and they work fine, it's only a problem when I'm running all 4 sticks.


I contacted the shop today and they said to contact Corsair directly as he doesn't want to exchange 2x1G because it's hard to sell.


So is there any configuration I can do to get my 4 sticks of memory working again? Or am I stuck with having to buy another pair of v4.1 and ditch the v1.2? :[pouts:




Sydney, Australia

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With four modules you may need to drop the memory frequency to 800MHz due to limitations on the memory controller on the board. If the system becomes stable at 800Mhz with all four modules, then you can increase the frequency gradually and test to find out where the board will max out.
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