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Help: Default settings for TWIN2X2048-8500C5D v1.3 on P5K-Premium w/ E6850 CPU


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Latest BIOS for motherboard (v0504, Dec 28th 2007), MemTest86+ v2.01


The objective is just to get it working stable at advertised setting DDR1066, 5-5-5-15 with ~5,111 MB/s Memory throughput shown in Memtest.


- I have no problem whatsoever in Memtest86 when setting at default DDR800, 5-5-5-18


- However, I'm consistently getting errors in MemTest (@ test #6, about 70% progress) when trying:

+ All default "Auto" settings for DDR1066 (vDRAM manually set at 2.20v)

+ DerekT's recommended settings from other posts (ie. turning off some CPU features, etc. as shown in this thread & similar)

+ Swapping slots & testing with each single module showed NO problem, but errors return when 2 modules go in pair.

+ Switching CPU DLL from "Auto" to 1.6v, vNB = 1.40v at times seems not helping at all ...


I'm still pretty much a newbie in this overclocking stuff. Please recommend on what else that I could try for this particular hardware combo so that I could get comparable performance + stability ? (tighten DRAM timings instead ???)


Thank you for your help !

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If they are passing one up but not when in dual channel would suggest some other problem, yes indeed how many modules are installed and what are the exact BIOS settings for both CPU and memory, and Did you load setup defaults with the latest BIOS and then set the settings?
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