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Compatibility: Lenovo Thinkpad T61p (6459-CTO) & Corsair ValueSelect VS2GSDS667D2


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I have a Lenovo Thinkpad T61p (6459-CTO). It came with 2 1GB Hynix memory sticks which I want to replace. I'm hoping that Corsair ValueSelect VS2GSDS667D2 is compatible. Can any advise? System booted with it but only saw 2 GB (Bios and Windows XP SP2).


I should have checked BEFORE I ordered it (though it is newegg so it is returnable)....





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Lenovo sells this machine with 4GB and claims on the website that it will take 4GB. So does Kingston if you look it up by system on their site. So does the corsair memory configurator.



The corsair configurator lists the following parts:

VS4GSDSKIT667D2 (this is what the back of the twin pack says)

VS2GSDS667D2 (this is what the individual memory modules say)



The PACKAGE (Corsair) says VS4GSDSKIT667D2 G.


The memory modules say:



So why wouldn't my system recognize them? Tried reseating them, rebooting, looking in Bios (2gb), looking in Sandra (2gb), looking in windows (2gb).


I will try memtest.

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