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Nvidia SLI partner memory with the ASUS Striker II extreme


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I found this memory on the corsair site and am purchasing a striker II extreme board.....have a couple of questions.


how come its only offered in 2GB vs 4GB quantity? (going to load vista64 and really want to go with 4GB if possible)


What are the real benefits to getting this memory over any of the other DDR3 memory that is offered in 4GB quantity.


and most importantly.....when will i be able to buy it? (if its worth it)


thanks in advance for the help

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sorry for the confusion...didnt realize the link i posted listed all of them at first....i was comparing the NV sli modules.


on a side note....if i was gonna go with the 4GB.....would the c9 or c7 be better?


why are there no 1800 or 2000 4GB bundles?

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