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Abit IC7-Max3 and Memory Question :)


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The Setup: Abit IC7-Max3 Pentium 4 2.8c Antec True 460w Abit GeForce 4 Ti4200 8x OTES 128mb The Questions: 1. I would like to clock my 2.8c to somthing around 3GHz, and I am wondering should I get the ram faster than the FSB so it's underclocked, or should I get ram that is lower than the fsb and overclock it as well? 2. What Memory should I use to do this? It must be 1GB and Dual Channel. (Theory): An example 2.8c (14x200FSB=2800MHz) ram only needing to be PC3200 at this point, but if I clock the FSB to say 215MHz and raise the chip to 3010MHz, what kind of ram will I need for this application? Should I clock PC3200 to 215MHz? or Should I get somthing higher like PC3700 and clock it down to 215MHz? It sounds to me like underclocking the ram would be better, but thats why I am asking the Ram Guy :D
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