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4 x Corsair XMS2 2048-6400C5 (8GB) and Asus P5N32-E SLI


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Hi All


I have just built a system featuring the modules and motherboard in the title and i cant for the life of me get the board running stable with all 4 banks populated with XMS2 2048-6400C5. Im currently running just 2 sticks of it(4GB) and the system is perfectly stable (2hr test of OCCT to verify this).


I have tried setting the memory to 667 as other threads have stated but to no success. Everything is running at stock volts.


Does anyone have any experience with the my issue?


Thanks in advance



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hate to bust your bubble but i highly doubt you'll get 8gigs to work period on any 680i chipset. Anywayz


This is common issue when populating all banks of a 680i chipset. The memory controller is uncapable of handling it (and im only talking about 4 gig 4x 1 gig sticks). In order to get it to run gonna have to losen up timings and dial down memory speed, can try 667 and bring timings out to what corsair guys recomend. Even with this your chances of running 8 gigs stable on a 680i are about 1 in 10. Good luck though..=D

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