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AMD 6400+ 5200+ Projects

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Project 1


AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ Windsor 2.6GHz @2.8 <<< want @3.0

Fatal1ty AN9 32X Motherboard

Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C4


Project 2


AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+ Windsor 3.2GHz B.E. @3.4

Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C4DHX

Fatal1ty AN9 32X Motherboard



AMD 5200+ has been very hard getting any thing above 2.8 stable :brick:. I am sure I have the answer to this problem but have yet to test. This set up has 4 gigs in it the memory is set at 667 2.8 is best I can do so far. I know its hard on the board to have all slots filled so I will test to see if I can get higher clock with two gigs. What I have notice also with this set up it holds high external clock 262*11 but does not hold lower external clock at 2.8.


AMD 6400+ I have pushed this to 3.5 on air 3.4 is stable on this set up the only thing that I can do to make this set up faster is get faster memory. This set up is running 3 gigs I have a fourth but get C1 error with it. With this set up also low external clock 214*16 is what it is at. Higher external clock and its not stable.


I need to start from scratch I guess will push every thing to its limit and see what I can come up with. Most don’t realize you have to test every thing before you can get some thing that will benefit the whole system. Have had many tips from here and I truly appreciate it. What I would like is to get the 5200+ Windsor to 3.0 the four sticks may be what is holding me back since memory controller cant handle the load. Both computers have great cooling so no issue on temps at all.


Also both boards only go up to 800 for the memory. My wife is umm watching what I get now :rant: :nono: so I will have to wait for my memory :p:. Far as the 2.6 does what I have written add up or not could that be why? What I will do is over clock like I should testing each part of the system then put in numbers that I know will hold. Thanks for help in advance..

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Well since my last post my 6400+ 3.4 project is crap :brick:. It keeps having issues after months of being at that level. My memory is clocked at 856 I believe. I do not know if its the BIOS which for my board some strange reason Ver17 is more stable than the new Ver18. I have looked at many sites that have said Ver18 is junk and causes many issues. I have seen in threads to make sure to have the latest BIOS for my board there seems to be much issue. I think I switched back to Ver17 a month ago. Now my computer locks up every once in a while I have to reboot ummm even use system restore some times to get it to stop locking up. Now this could also be XP 64 bit I am not sure wont know until I do more testing.


My brothers 5200+ is running the four sticks CPU @2.8 memory set @667 with the over clock memory is @817. His BIOS is also Ver17. He has not had any issues so far. I was going to test to see if I could get the CPU to 3.0 but its been stable for so long why mess with it really.


I was not having issues with Ver18 so I think I should have left it at Ver18. Every thing is hit or miss which is very confusing. I will flash BIOS Ver18 and see what happens then.

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Are you using a multiplyer or the fsb.

To test max cpu, under clock the ram. So go to a lower divider like ddr667. Then reduce HT to 800. Now see if the fsb will go up. Some like fsb. Each is core is different.


What is the cpu vcore at?

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Ok found the issue with my 6400+ had tried to install new drivers for the mother board big mistake. The old drivers were fine and when I did it removed a driver that I need I think for the south bridge.


For the 6400+

Multi x16

external clock 214

CPU core voltage 1.45


CPU 3.424

Memory 856

HT link 1070


This has been stable no issues what so ever. The 5200+ @2.8 I tested and its the four sticks got it to 3.0 easy. Well all I can do is buy faster memory for my rig and a 8800GTS maybe they rock. A question I do have having a lower multi and higher external clock from what I have tested is faster. For some reason my 6400+ dont like that one bit. Have any of you tested and what do you think is better or is it what ever the chip can do? Thanks

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Well have had my system running for some time and have put it through many test. The memory I must say did not disappoint one bit in the beginning I was having trouble. Thanks to all the help in this forum! RAMGUY, Wired and Derekt helped me get things going smooth. I thought after a while was the CPU or ram holding me back at times. I have come to believe it is the motherboard.


I have over clocked the Corsair XMS2 2GB (2x1GB) sticks in many ways. My system is still running strong not by any means the fastest out there but I must say I am very pleased with what I have. For an AMD build is pretty good. May have to switch to intel since really cant get any faster even with a Phenom. Derekt makes me cry with his computers :p:


A lot of my test done and verified:




Pifast: 35.95 seconds

SuperPI: 24.47 seconds

SuperPI 32m: 21 minutes

WPrime 32m: 27.20 seconds

WPrime 1024m: 14 minutes 25 seconds


Highest Ram speed: http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc.php?id=343725

Highest CPU clock speed :http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc.php?id=444899


My brothers 5200+ is running stable with four gigs of the same ram. He does not want to over clock is pleased with what he has.


Thanks to all, top notch customer service and forum. Keep up the great work kick butt memory!




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