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aw9d with 4x1gb


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It's never a good idea to mix and match modules. You will also have to drop your overclock as you will never get as good an overclock with 4 DRAM slots populated as you will with two.


My advice is to purchase 2 X 2048 of 6400C4's. Otherwise you will not be happy and doubly so with that board. Keep in mind that you will end up with ~2.7 - 3.2GB of the 4GB. I still run my gaming machine with 2 X 1024 modules and XP because games run faster that way by ~20%.


And VISTA is anything but speedy, or did you mean sucky? :D:

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Set your USB in BIOS. Legacy USB = Enabled


It's a dice throw and doubly so with your board. I bet you have more hassles with trying to get four sticks of 1066MHz DRAM to run at the state you have now. As a matter of a fact, I would bet money against it. That being said, I might well be wrong and you might get a fine seamless upgrade.


It's just not worth the trouble. If you dropped to XP, you would have an ~20% speed increase and not need to upgrade your DRAM. No games need more than a 2GB system with XP.


If you do decide to go with a DRAM upgrade, then I suggest TWIN2X-4096-8500C5 and keep in mind that any high density DRAMs do NOT overclock well. You might even have issues with the high tRFC (52+) and that i975 board.


With that board and your fine overclock, I would not change any hardware at all because you are already lucky to have a stability there. If it is not broke, do not fix it. That's my advice.

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