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1.85 volts for TWIN2X4096-6400C5DHX G


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I just installed TWIN2X4096-6400C5DHX G in my system have 3 questions:

1) Why is the BIOS choosing 1.850 volts when set to "Auto" as opposed to 1.8 volts? And should I change it to 1.8V?

2) I understood that my 32 bit system would not see all 4 gb, but I thought it would see 3-3.5. It seems to be seeing all 4 in Cpuz and PC Wizard, but at "My Computer", it is only showing 2.75. Should I have expected it to show more than 2.75?

3) My Virtual Memory is says:

----2mb under "Min Allowed"

----4221 mb under "Recommended"

----2046 under "Currently Allocated"

----And is set to "Custom Size" with an initial of 2046 and a maximum of 4092.

Does all this seem correct to you?

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1) Motherboard manufacturer's default setting, 1.85's fine. If you can set it to 1.8, go ahead.


2) Depends on various factors, part of which is how much memory your video card has.


3) You'll see various recommendations for it, but that's around the average. I take it you didn't build the system?

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My mainboard runs my ram at 1.95 with auto. Its ok just so its under corsairs max volts tested.


As wired explained max ram in 32 bit is all ram in system. That means video average is 512mb, hard drive ram for cache 8mb typically some like mine are 16mb, DVD/CD burners are 2mb usually, cpu has cache too in my case its 512kb for two cores or 1mb and L1 also. All that adds then that is taken from total 32bit can use. It will vary.


Yes, thats what XP sets up at install for that amount of system memory. For me its not enough since adobe Illustrator fills that quickly when Im drawing alot. I set it to system managed. I will have over 1gb ram left, its not same. Some programs use Virtual memory. Illustrator uses it for the scratch disk (that is temp storage).


The old rule was virtual mem should be twice the system memory. However as system mem got to be more it didnt matter so much. Set it to system managed if you get out of memory errors like I do in Illustrator if not let it go.

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