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macbook 2ghz santarosa and the VS2GSDS667D2


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first of all I'm new in this forum, but I want to have something clearified:


I have a macbook 2ghz santarosa and i've just bought the VS2GSDS667D2 is not yet arrived but I'm kind of scaried, in some forum's around the world this memory works, in some other not reconized or system crashes.... I really want to know the truth. I've ordered 8 of them because we have 4 macbook as above. I want an other an other question to be aswered kind of piky... why corsair is almost the unique brand that have 2 lines of products "value select"VS and "mac memory"VSA ? can't really understand why? are Apple test that expensive that make you produce to different products? or is just a commercial thing and these products are mainly the same thing?


Sorry to be kind of polemic but I'm getting worried about I already ordered 8 not 1 of them and in this forum it seem that this model is not exactly mac friendly... I hope everything will be fine but I hope I can have some answers to see it more clearly..


thank you.


gab (italy)


ps: VSA it's almost impossible to be found in italy and 20-40% more expensive then VS

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the sticks are arrived and installed in this macbook everything seems working fine.

so VS memory are the same as VSA just for people that wants to spend their money smarter? an not for those ones that just follow everything with the apple logo or "mac tested" things?


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