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VS1GBKIT400 vs. VS1GB400C3 for Mac G5


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I need 2Go RAM for my Apple G5, the Corsair advices goes for 2*512 Mo (VS1GBKIT400). But the store sells also 1Go ram as ref. VS1GB400C3.

it seems they have the same specification except for Cas :

VS1GB400C3 : DDR-400 (PC-3200C3) 1GB 3-3-3-8-2T


VS1GBKIT400 : DDR-400 (PC-3200C25) 1GB Kit (2 x 512MB) 2.5-3-3-8-2T


As I have already cas 3 module installed, I would think cas 3 Ram will be more compatible, but I'm not sure.

Does a pair of 1Gb module (VS1GB400C3) compatible with my Mac as it is not mention in the memory configurator ?

Should I buy 2*VS1GB400C3 or 2*VS1GBKIT400 ?


I forgot to mention the total of Ram must be 3 Go, with the ones installed. And must be JEDEC compliant.

I heard "System Select" brand is more compatible with existing module, is that right ?

thank you for your answers


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I'm surprise your modules are not compatible with the ones already there !

you advise me not not buy even the one 'compatible' according to your comparator (VS1GB400C3) ?

I will check the Micron website (if they give the RAM datas)



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