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Lost cap, revisited

Arnold the Frog

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Yes, I noticed that the existing "Lost cap" thread is sticky, and

I deduce (perhaps wrongly?) that this is a general standing

offer for Flash Voyager customers. Still, this looks like the

wrong (and a potentially expensive) approach.


Several reviews have commented that the cap is very easily

lost. I can confirm this from my own experience. I

somehow lost the cap of my first (512MB) Flash Voyager

drive within 24 hours (indeed, within my own bedroom). My

next (2GB) lasted, thanks to a lash-up with fishing-line, for

about 48 hours. I had intended to melt the line so it couldn't

come loose, but lost it while running for a bus before I got

round to finishing the job.


Surely almost any approach whatever which tethers the

cap would be an improvement! How about a simple loop

on the cap so it can be tied to the loop at the butt-end of

the body? I don't doubt that this has all been considered

before. How about considering it again?

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  • Corsair Employees

I do understand your concerns and many share the same feelings. However we have tried in development several things to attach the cap. However, nothing has proven to solve the issue. But I will forward your suggestion to the Product Manager for them to review.


Thank you for taking the time to post this.

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I have to second Arnold's comment.


I purchased 10 of the 2Gb Flash Voyagers for staff to use where I work. Every one of them has lost the cap. The problem seems to be that the internal ribs of the cap don't hold tightly enough when the unit is brushed up against something when it is being worn around the neck by the lanyard. Several have popped off just by getting up from a table and accidentally dragging the unit against the edge of the table.


If a hole could be molded into through the blue nipple at the end of the cap and a short chain (perhaps about 4-5 inches long be attached through the hole in the cap and anchored to the attachment loop at the back of the unit would go a long way.


Like Arnold, I would like to retain the original cap, if I could, rather than having to order bulk replacements. (...although I DO have to commend you for offering replacements rather than telling your customers "tough luck".)

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