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Padlock fails with USB 2.0


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I recently purchased a Padlock 4GB, which fails sporadically when transferring files to/from it.

Big files ~3.5GB always fail, smaller files ~100MB would occasionally work.

This using USB 2.0.


If I switch over to USB 1.1, they work without a hitch.

This tested on five different computers, running Windows XP Pro and 2003 Server.


I've had this happen with three sticks now.

Has anyone ever had similar problems?





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I've tried running one of the computers with the latest Ubuntu (i386), with the same results.

I also reset the BIOS too just in case there was something in there.


If anyone has any tips or ideas you're most welcome to post them.


In the meantime I'll continue fiddling around.

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That might be a Power issue, I would check on the MB for the USB Power, most MB's are set to get the USB power from the standby voltage and maybe that PSU cannot provide enough power so I would change the power source to the +5 Volt rail instead of the +5VSB rail if you have that option.
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