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Two Strikes-Mislabeled RAM

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Let's start at the beginning.

-I have been purchasing Corsair memory for the last five systems I've built.

-I am a firm believer in buying quality parts. I am a gamer, so I am usually buying the latest and greatest every few years. I am not an over-clocker, I just want a stable system, so I spend a lot of time investigating before I buy and usually put up the extra cash for quality.

-9/4/07 I built a system using Twin2x2048-8500c5d memory, but couldn't get it to run at 1066.

-After a failure of one of the sticks, returned pair to Corsair. Was told that 72 hrs after receipt, would be notified.

-Placed RMA request on 2/6/08.

-Sent out on 2/12/08.

-Corsair verified receipt and processing return on 2/15/08 @ 12p.

-After 7 full days, 5.5 business days(24*5.5=132 hrs) I called asking why I had no reply. I was notified that they were on backorder from overseas supplier. Told they would arrive March 3.

-3/5/08 having not heard from Corsair, made the call. Still back-ordered.

After I requested it, James from tech support agreed to send loaner 6400 set.(Thank you James, good customer service Rep.)

-Received loaner set 3/10/08. Back in service.

-Received replacement set 3/15/08. Great.

-Can't get new Twin2x2048 8500C5D to run at 1066 :-(. After using CPU-z, I find the Twin2x2048 8500C5D both have part numbers claiming CM2X1024-6400C4D with EPP# at 400MHz 4-4-4-12-22-2T-2.1V.

-It seems my memory is just re-labeled pc6400. What gives Corsair? I didn't have CPU-Z to check previous memory, but I'm guessing that was the problem then, too. I've seen screen shots of people with Corsair pc8500 and their part numbers are CM2X1024-8500C5D and EPP# is 533 MHz.


-I understand that you get bad batches of chips. It happens, but...

-I would have appreciated a heads up on the delays. (A month with no computer.) I shouldn't have to chase after customer service. Just an email about delays would have helped.

-I am really upset about the repackaged RAM.


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Well, I have been busy since my last posting. It took me over a week to get the time during the day to call customer support. I talked to someone named Jalaide who asked me to Email her a screen shot of CPUZ showing my memory, so she could pass it on to her supervisor. I wrote down her email adress and verified it with her twice. I got home that night and the first thing I did was send it off. That was over a week ago with NO FRIGGIN RESPONSE. Not a "we got your email and are reviewing it" or anything. Common Corsair. You're gonna loose a customer, and I'm gonna spread the word if things don't improve here. :mad::mad:
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Thank you Ramguy,

James from customer service contacted me the next day. He was very pleasant and responsive to my situation(Kudos to him again.) He is sending out a new set of sticks and taking care of me for my troubles. Hopefully the next post will be a happy ending if the new sticks run as they should.

Here's hoping.

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OK, so....

I received my 2nd set of replacement sticks. Booted using SPD settings, memory voltage to AUTO. Ran CPUZ. Modules report as 8500c(HOORAY!):o: Back into BIOS, set to for SLI memory (uses the EPP profile.) Voltage to 2.1V. I ran Memtest, runs to test 6... kaput. :mad: Errors(big disgusted sigh.) Now I'm wondering if it's my mobo. So, being thorough, I start troubleshooting. I ran them together at SPD settings again for 3hrs-ok. Back to EPP profile and 2.1V, I move them to the other paired slots-same results. At this point I notice that these were V1.2. I bump the voltage to 2.2V per specs of V1.2- no change. Next I separate the modules and run individually. The first one runs no problem at 1066Mhz. I run the test three times for 20 min each-ok. Move this module to the lead slot of the second bank. Three perfect tests. The second module fails. Over and over in both lead slots.:mad::mad::mad:

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  • Corsair Employees
Please contact our customer service at 888-222-4346 and dial "0" or (510) 657-8747. Let them know that a replacement set has failed and that you have alread spoken to technical support. They should be able to send you a replacement ASAP.
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Well, I finally got a set that works! The third set of sticks finally run at 1066 on my machine. Kudos again to James in customer support. He helped ease my difficulties with this ordeal. I'll be sending the two defective sets plus the loaners back as soon as I can get to the post office. Tempted to keep them after all the grief, but I wasn't brought up that way. An awful lot of my time wasted testing bad modules and chasing this issue. Thanks Ramguy for your quick responses.
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