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How much power does the 16GB Voyager draw?


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Hi All,


Can somebody please point me to a document that specifies how much power the 16GB Voyager (CMFUSB2.0-16GB) draws?


I plan on purchasing one of these to connect to the USB port on my Kenwood headunit in my car, and I want to make sure it does not draw over 500mA (as this is the maximum that the headunit will provide).



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Someone from Corsair can confirm this but I'd be amazed if these things drew 1/2 ampere (500 milliamperes). It would feel quite warm to the touch if it did that and it doesn't.


My guess is that it's current consumption (such as it is) is much higher during a write than a read too.


PDA's and PDA cell phones can draw that much (and more) when charging but I don't think a memory stick draws that much.


My guess is that the USB port (as most do) has a current limiting resistor. So, if a device drew more than the specified amount it would not harm the car circuit. The voltage to the connected device might drop and then the device would not work correctly.


If it were me, I'd try this out and expect it to work.


If you have a problem, it might be that some devices cannot handle memory sizes over 1 or 2gb. If you have trouble, that is the more likely form of it. Be sure the Kenwood handles 16gb of memory.

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Most USB 2.0 Ports on a MB would be about .750 Ma and yes that is the required amount for the drive to function properly 500 Ma. However, if the USB post is somewhat less than that the results will vary. IE; it might or might not work
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