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Question on Winbond chipset


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I recently purchased a Shuttle Sk43G, which uses a Via KM400 VT8378 chipset, and I have been having many troubles getting the system to run with stability. I have been using a stick of CMX512-2700C2PT with my Barton 2500, and I cannot run everything 1:1 at 166mhz with out frequent crashing. Upon contacting Shuttle technical support, they told me the problem was in my memory. They recommended that I get a stick of Corsair which is version 1.2 with a black heat spreader, and which is using the winbond chipset. He guaranteed me that this kind of memory would be compatible with my motherboard, and explained to me that the other memory was conflicting with the Via chipset. Does anyone have any knowledge on this, and I would also appreciate if someone could tell me the model number(s) of Corsair modules that meet these specifications. Thanks in advance for any replies! -Whitiebera
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