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Any chance of RMA if I voided warranty requirements?

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I purchased an 8GB Flash Voyager GT USB drive back in May 2007. After 3 weeks of use, it crapped out and would not activate and the computer could not see the drive when plugged in. Because I had highly sensitive materials on it (I work in the aerospace industry), I decided not to submit it back for a warranty replacement and instead cut open the rubber packaging to see if there was any chance I could repair it myself (I'm an electronics engineer). After inspecting the components and seeing if there were any obvious bad soldering on the pins, I plugged it back in to the computer and it worked. I realized that there must be a bad solder connection on the flash chips and just slightly flexing the PCB caused the key to start up again. However, this was very intermittent and I gave up on the $140 investment.


I picked it up again today and decided to write in and see what my options are. It is an obvious soldering workmanship problem and even though I cut open the rubber packaging of the key (knowing that I voided the warranty), is there any chance of getting an RMA?



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