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Compatibilty Asus P4C 800 Deluxe / Corsair TWINX-3200 1GB


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I just got a new system with the following configs.: WinXP Pro, Asus P4C 800 E-Deluxe Motherboard, Corsair TWINX-3200 1024MB 3200LL, Saphire ATI Radeon 9600-XT 256meg, Logitech Cordless MX Duo, Intel 4 3GB, WD Harddrive 8 GB IDE 7200PRM Caviar 8MB Cache. The sytem freezes up in different intervals - no mouse, no keyboard working (latest driver installed) - several restarts are necessary. Are there any known issues about compatibility problems with the motherboard and the RAM I use? (Problem also occurs with MS Multimedia Keyboard.) Thanks for your help Sala
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