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HX620W +12V1, +12V2, +12V3 for ?


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The HX620W has Triple 12V Rails provide independent reliable power to the CPU, video card and other components with a combined rating of 50A.


Does the +12V1 is for CPU, +12V2 is for VGA card and the +12V3 is for HDD & DVD-RW?


If my VGA card only need 4A on +12V2 rail, but my many HDDs and DVD-RW need 25A on +12V3 rail, does the HX620W can automatically sharing power between the triple rail and work correctly?

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I'm shopping for an ATX power supply less than 6" long to fit into my fairly small tower case. I'd like to get as many watts as I can but need at least 500 to 600W.


I also want modular cables to help with the cramped space in the case.


It seems like having a single +12V rail rather than dividing the current between multiple rails is completely better than multi-rail designs. Other than perhaps the cost to build the power supply. Is this true? Why do so many companies make multi-rail designs and market it as an advantage? Are they just being dishonest?


And the even more confusing case is Corsair! Your online product info on the HX520 and HX620 still say that these are multi-rail designs even though the forums say that they are single rail designs! And I'm 90% sure the HX520s I saw at the store today were labeled as single rail. What's up? I read the story about the change in the ATX spec and not wanting to change your labels and packaging. I feel pretty strongly that you should never sell a product with knowingly incorrect specs on it. You really needed to put a correction sticker over the incorrect package. Right?


Also, don't you think you should update your product webpages to reflect the true design, especially considering the reality is superior to the erroneous specs?


Seriously - you seem like a good company making good products. I've been so impressed by the quality of this forum and by the responsiveness of the Corsair team. Your credibility should be considered a highly valued asset and to protect it you need to be consistent and accurate with your product specs.




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Elitekiller is correct. The HX series PSUs are technically single rail designs, originally they were designed to have virtual rails as PowerGuy mentioned in his post, with separate overvoltage protection points and this was due to the ATX spec at the time. The spec has changed, since it was not necessary, but the label on the box has remained unchanged. If you have any further questions I would recommend that you send an email to powerguy@corsairmemory.com directly, as he would have more information on this than I do.
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