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RMA Request DDR2 PC2-4200

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Greeting! Here I bought a barette of ram 1go DDR2 533MHZ PC2-4200 and it has buy it 18 euro 81.

Problem, it is that it does not walk.

When I have it install on my laptop computer, and that I the had to relight, the screen remained black. I have try to get to work it on the same computer as me whom has a friend and it still does not walk. Therefore the rma is faulty.

I had bought the rma on VS1GSDS533D2.


I would therefore like to return you the rma so that you see by you even as it is faulty and so that you me there revoyer a new. Grieved for my English defect of pronunciation.




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  • Corsair Employees

This memory would not be recommended for your system. Please please look up your system on our memory configurator for the correct modules you should use:




You may want to try the following, in order to try to get the system to recognize the new memory.


1. Remove all RAM

2. Power on system

3. Let it run for 20-30 seconds(system may power off prior to 20secs)

4. Remove battery and AC(to insure power is off)

5. Only install the Corsair RAM

6. Check if system is stable

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But my friends with the same computer which me exactly bought its ram (they had bought them all at once). To them his step and not to me. Therefore it is not normal. That's why I would like I shall return you the rma so that you see by you even as it does not walk and so think that I could have a news ram which walks. I wait for your answers. Thank you.
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