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TWIN3X2048-1600C7DHX is work on 790i Asus ?


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hi . I gonna by order this ram . and its spend more than 3 week to get it.


Asus Striker 2 Extream ,Ultra will be release soon . and In my country . its

rare to find a DDr3 ram . everything must" by order "in here...

I just wanan know this ram will work on this MB or not. please help .

Maybe i will OC it to 1800 Mhz on air too . CPU is C2D 8500 oc .

and VGA is 9800GX2 Sli

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hi ram guy

I agree to take a risk to by order this ram from dealer in my country =]

but . I wanan know Which MB from Asus. Is can use this module .

"Stable with out a problem " .


Its easy to sell Striker 2 Extream 790i to second hand market. if it not work

couz in my country we have a tons of DDr1333 Mhz ram exsist here .

but Its "Hard " to sell DDr3 1600 to second hand market . in here

couz sure. no one will buy it. heh

Just. emm . Lets me know . Which MB is can use this module with out problem . not OC status . normal use .


This pair module is seirous expensive. than MB .and its hard to sell. in second had market . please understand my situation =]

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I found big green orc mod , combine my post in to one. but that ok . your answer is useful to me . right now i am sure. i not waste my money :>

Its weird too . at this time Asus Striker 2 Extream or the 790i is i gonna pick . its have a tons of engineering sample is send to around the world . and sure a small web about ocz in my country they got it for make review either . and at this time. I can found a review like this on web




and its run on DDr1600 ram is corsair i think

- -

In my mind Corsair is no1 Brand. That why i not just grab a DDr1333 Cl9 is so cheap in my country and choosen Corsair is highest prize x2 . in your country this module is just 300 - 400 usd but in my country . its come with

crazy prize like 600 usd + or 700 usd .If you not belive me just come to Thailand and check this thing out . mu hahaha purrr - w -



The answer from corsair is just said "wait until it come" its really no comment -____- ' .. I can see a engineer sample in my country now and

they gonna OC it for make review too .

but ASUS not send to your laps - ^- ?



but that ok i still choosen you . and i hope god will bless me. I hope , I dont need to sell any thing to 2hand market !


bye - ^ - ''' ...

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