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TWINX2048-3200C2PRO One stick goes bad after 2yrs


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What a nightmare. My computer froze and I had to shut down with the power button. Then all of a sudden it wouldn't boot past the XP load screen. Tried to boot in Safe Mode, began and froze. What to do...

I removed one of the RAM sticks and tried to boot, and it did. I placed the other stick back in. This time it blue screened with a PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA. Looked that up on knowledge base and that didn't help much because it pointe at MS Streets and Trips having a conflict with video cards. I've never installed any of that. So I tried to boot with one stick again, this time I tried the other one. Then it booted and gave me a registry error. Then I tried to boot with some extra 512mb stick I have and found out the boot got corrupted. Had to boot in Recovery Console and CHKDSK /r and Fixboot to get it back and running.

Then I decided to MemTest86 the sticks and found out one is nothing but errors, something like over 800,000 errors :eek:! And one is still good, no errors. I'm now running on that good stick and writing this.


I've had the same setup for 2 years and had some on and off stability during gaming. I have recently checked your configurator chart and didn't see my RAM on there for my MoBo. When I bought the RAM I was not aware of the Memory Configurator compatibility chart. I figured matching the Type and Format were good enough. And It's worked very well until now.



Is there anything in my setup that could have caused this massive failure?

Am I going to get the exact same RAM Type in return if I do get a warranty replacement?

Do you have any questions? lol.


Thanks for readin.

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Well it's been awhile but I finally sent my sticks in and got them replaced.

RMA process was fine.

Only problem is I got a product now that is only worth $109 (TWINX2048-3200C2PT).

I started with $240 (TWINX2048-3200C2PRO).

Has DDR lost that much value?

Eh anyway if it works it works.

But as for the difference I was wondering if there is anyway to make it up with a deal for some new RAM for my upcoming build? (within the next month).

I'm not asking for free RAM don't get me wrong.

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