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Flash Voyager Cap Issue


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Just bought the 16gb version and lost the cap in 2 days.


I would think that engineers at CORSAIR would be smart enough to design a cap that will not come off so easily. This issue been around since the introduction of the voyager, so many people have complained about it, and nothing has been done so far. I mean why can't you design a cap with some latches that will fit into the 2 holes of the USB connector or some other snap in function that will keep the cap in place. Just saying <<give us a call and we will send you another cap>> is not the solution, because surely it will get lost again.


Also, why is the Flash Voyager Utility not supported on these new drives?

That was a good utility to enable to do things very simple like password protect a partition instead of using a 3rd party software.


I bought my new flash voyager last week, and I feel like returning it to get another brand.

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