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Speed fan error??


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check out this screenshot the lite green rectangular boxes are ASUS probe...

I'm concerned if those two (fire) temps in speed fan are accurate? All Ive done is raise multiplier from 13.5x to 15x to take my CPU from 2.6 to 3.0 ghz....on this motherboard...supposedly....raising the mutiplier ONLY changes the CPU freq.



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apparently the "thing" thats on fire is a weird heat sink thingy on back of mobo.

It called ASUS Stack Cool 2 so I just took RIGHT side of case and no way is anything 90C there....thats 194F


I can put my finger on the thing and not get burnt so I guess speed fan is just sorta messed up with regards to ASUS stack cool 2 ?


Also it read 90C before I upped the multiplier...while running Ortho's it went to 94C and Temp 3 went to about 80C and nothing IS hot at least as far as I can tell. Also the Temp 1 is the CPU and the Temp 2 is the MB temp, at least on speed fan. Ill just call ASUS tech support on Monday and ask them....until then I aint gonna worry about it....this was more a post to let ppl know if they saw similar readings on similar boards....seems ASUS has been using the Stack Cool 2 heat sink thingy since the A8N32 SLI mobos onwards and still is using it.

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