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Twin2x4096-6400 - P5K-E-WIFI-AP OK: No warranty support?


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I am building a new system. I ordered the ASUS P5K-E Wifi-AP mothereboard and the Twin2x4096-6400C4DHX G memory. (I am impressed with the looks of the memory with the heat sinks).


I am reading through the MB manual and read the memory insert and it states:


PLEASE NOTE: Corsair’s line of 4GB memory kits are designed for PC’s featuring 64-bit operating systems. Installing 4GB onto PC’s with 32-bit operating systems is not advised nor supported under warranty.


I will be running XP pro SP2 32-bit system. This even applies to Vista 32-bit systems from what I am reading.


Using the corsair support site there are a number of recommendations stating get the Twin2x4096. There were never any references to the warranty issue. Links I am referring to are:







I did check the memory configurator before I ordered the memory and again now to make sure I didn't miss anything. The TWIN2x4096 is the first one on the list.



Is the memory compatible and does it void the warranty?

Will I see any issues?



Thanks for your help




btw - the CPU will be Q6600 with a 150GB Raptor and a dual monitor 512MB video card used in video editing.

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