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dominator pc2-8500 running slow

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Hi guys,


Ive just built a new computer using Corsair TwinX DDR2 XMS2 Dominator, PC2-8500.

My motherboard is and ASUS P5KC and the im using a C2D E8400.


the motherboard wont post whenever i try to up the ram speed to the certified 1066MHz, ive tried setting the voltage to 2.1V manually and that made no difference either.


any ideas?






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What version is your DRAM? Your BIOS. Keep in mind that this board has issues with high frequency DRAM.


This motherboard is a combination of great and worrying. While the odd EIDE port and lack of PS/2 mouse support may put you off, the major issues are the performance hit in the multitasking test and the memory controller's dislike for high-frequency RAM.


The issue of the flaky memory controller is mitigated by the low price, and the type of product this is; you'll only buy this if you plan to upgrade to DDR3 next year, by which time it may have a more robust BIOS. More importantly, DDR3 will be cheaper and may deliver good performance at fairly low frequencies (we'd hope for 1,333MHz at least).



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